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About Company
Service and Repairs of electronics
Service ans Repairs of electronics
Service of electronics armoires for sewing machines
(Efka, Juki, Pffaf, Brother, Ho Shing, Quick-Rotan...)
Repairs of component parts for sewing and vending machines
Electronics armories,motors, programators,electronics circuits and other components
Industrial electronics
Service of other and industrial electronics

Repairment of autoelectronics
Audio,Video Service
Service Audio,Video ,HI-FI, DVD...
Electronics circuits
Production,designing and making of electronic circuit
Service and repairs of partable,personal , component parts ...
Electric Tools and devices
Service of all kind of tools by world known brands.
Audio,Video Service
Service Audio,Video ,HI-FI, DVD...
We come in to bussines with this above mentioned things since 1974.In the beggining it was the only branch of our company.Today are very active in this fiel also.We keep in mind that RTV,Hi-Fi,Video and Audio equipment and others aren't cheap at all,so we equaly servicing old and new equipment,with the some respect.

We are here because we know that many people doesn't want to buy new equipment evey year.
Our servis is repairing all sorts of TV,video,audio,dvd,mp3,divx...equinments and other tehnical goods.